Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How the Freezer is Saving My Life

Oh man how I wish I had known about this while cheerleading was in full swing. I took a night a couple weeks ago and prepared several freezer meals from this amazing book:

I went to Sam's and bought in bulk like we've been doing for a few months now. This is saving us a lot of money, especially since I mostly cook from scratch and therefore cannot use many coupons (they just don't make coupons for produce, flour, eggs, etc.). As soon as I came home, instead of dividing up and freezing the food like we normally do, I took about 2 hours to go ahead and prepare marinades and pre-packaged meals, all to freeze and just pull out and cook over the next couple of weeks. This is working GREAT for us!!! We are saving money, eating home-cooked meals, and not spending tons of time (which I don't have) cooking.

I made granola (4 packages), barbeque chicken (3 meals worth), cranberry-apple pork roast (2 meals worth), and vegetarian chili (4 meals worth).

On Sunday night of this week I pulled out a couple of different entrees and put them in the refrigerator to thaw. Last night we had veggie chili. I fixed some rice and shredded some cheese to go along with it. Tonight we had the cranberry-apple pork roast. It was so easy!! I literally pulled it out of the fridge, dumped it into a pan, and put it in the oven for an hour. I quickly sliced up and roasted some potatoes to go along with it and that's it!! Done!! It was yummy and very fall-like feeling. Mmmmm...

Tomorrow night we've having the barbeque chicken. I'm going to slice up some apples and sweet potatoes and throw 'em in the oven like my lovely friend Jenna suggested.

Two of my friends had this British professor in college who would always say, "Easy peasy like sugar candy..." in a nonchalant, happy, British-accentish voice.
I think it will be my new mantra.
"Easy peasy like....cranberry-apple pork roast from the freezer."


Hokie Girl said...

Check out and she does a freezer menu every month - complete with recipes, etc. But she just made some sides of mashed potatoes and cheesy broc. rice that you can add in your menu to go along with the main dishes - so then you really wouldn't have to even cook sometimes! Can you post your granola recipe? That sounds yummy!

Allie said...

I am impressed!! That food looks great, and sounds really easy. I may need to go buy that book....

Jan said...

Emily - I have this book too and I love it! I make that granola all the time and the peanut butter breakfast cookies. (b/c then I can eat a peanut butter cookie for breakfast without feeling one bit bad about it.) Also the chicken casserole I made for our glorious c-ville weekend is in there, but I changed the cooking of it a little bit. Another really good and easy one is the ginger beef.

Clearly great minds things alike.