Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Time

I just got an email from our head cheerleading coach with the coming basketball season schedule. I was reluctant to open it, not prepared, at this point in the hectic game I am calling Life, to see how my time would be slipping away again in the near future. (Please do not get me wrong. I am LOVING coaching. It has just been crazy lately, and I'm tired.)

Turns out, not so bad! Between the four coaches, it works out to me supervising one game every week to week and half or so. Do you know what this means?? This means that I MIGHT be able to slowly dig my way out of the mound that has slowly been growing around me for the past 2 months entitled My To-Do List. This means I might be able to actually ENJOY the holidays without it seeming like a blurry mess.

Also, I am thinking about starting this program this week (thoughts?). I desperately need to start exercising. I dream of being a runner. I would love to be one of those people who "needs to run" (this phrase has never come out of my mouth). For whom running is "theraputic" and who just can't go without it.

Plus, everyone I know who runs is skinny.

I would like to be skinny. Just. Once. In. My. Life.

Is that too much to ask?


Patrick and Ashley Harmon said...

I read "the program"...sounds interesting and like it might actually work! I too...HATE, I mean HATE to run! Unless someone is chasing me!:) hahah I do walk my dogs everyday, but no running! Good for you emily! Hope it goes well, let me know...may be a good way to lose baby weight!

Jenna said...

emily, go for the running program!i am in NO WAY a runner and i have asthema and still managed to complete the marine corps marathon! i still dont NEED to run and i probably cant do 1/2 mi right now, but i KNOW you can do it!!

also, i have some awesome, healthy crock pot recipes. email me and i'll send them to you!