Sunday, October 25, 2009


Life has been crazy. More like a blur since September 8th, aka The Day School Began. Patrick is back in school. I am teaching and coaching cheerleading and trying not to lose my mind/social life in the process. Meanwhile, we have fallen off the horse in just about every area of healthiness/sanity in our lives:

1. We have only been drinking soda for days. Weeks really.
2. The last time we exercised was the night we walked to the end of the block to see trucks repairing a water line break down the street, about a month ago. We saw lots of lights and thought there was a fire. We were sorely disappointed to walk all that way just for a water line break. And sadly, out of breath.
3. The laundry has been stacking up for maybe a good 3 weeks. Patrick is taking that back over soon. He did a much better job than me.
4. We are currently being very successful at sticking to a strict high-carb, high-cheese diet.
5. Often during quick trips outside, we will observe the rotting, decaying leaves in the pool and the clogged drain at the bottom of the basement stairs and remark to one another, "We should really do something about this." Then we quickly retreat inside for a high-carb, high-cheese snack instead. We have determined it is best not to even go out there anymore.
6. We have convinced ourselves that the clutter all over the house makes it look "lived in" and "cozy." These terms make us feel better. They just do.

But this is a new week. Patrick has a 2 week break from school. Competition season in cheerleading is quickly reaching its peak (Districts this coming Saturday and Regionals are next week) and life as we know it will hopefully slow down. Hopefully?!? Please?!? I don't know how much more I can take. We did set some goals for the week to make us feel more on the ball:
1. Exercise at least twice.
2. Do not go out to eat (I took Friday night to go bulk shopping and prepare some freezer meals...more on this to come)
3. Close down the pool.

Oh, and Patrick just informed me while reading this that no, my social life is actually dead. I'm going to try to work on this too.

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Allie said...

Emily, I feel your pain. School, on top of coaching, does not leave much time for a social life!! :) I'll be hoping things calm down for you soon!