Thursday, August 20, 2009


I keep wanting to sing the Oklahoma song, except we're in Indiana. But it sort of works, right? The wind is sweeping through that's for sure, giving me the ultra hot wind-blown look as we walked in the building for Patrick's orientation.

My hubby is starting grad school. ::Sigh:: He's doing a "hybrid program" through Taylor University in Indiana, a 16-month program through which he will receive his Masters of Business Administration. He chose Taylor for several reasons:
1. He sort of wanted to go to undergrad there, but life had different ideas.
2. They have a great program that centers around a practical Christian worldview of business. That was important to him (and me) as we seek to live every area of our lives to glory of God.
3. The hybrid program is cool because he comes to Indiana twice a semester for 2-day seminars then does the rest online so it's sort of a mix between sitting in an actual class and distance learning. This is good for his learning style (Don't get me started on learning styles. I have to start teaching again in a couple weeks. Ugh. Not ready...that's my new middle name).
4. The hotel where we stay is connected to a flippin' sweet mall.

Ok, number 4 is actually why I like this program. I got to come for this trip and will be spending my free time (window) shopping, sleeping in the (flippin' sweet) hotel room (thank you,, and reading FOR PLEASURE.

I accompanied Patrick to his orientation tonight and kept having mild panic attacks everytime the lady started explaining how to submit assignments, check blackboard, and communicate with group members for projects. I DON'T WANT TO DO ASSIGNMENTS.... I DON'T WANT TO WRITE ANYMORE PAPERS... PLEASE NO MORE GROUP PROJECTS... But then the most glorious thing happened: I REMEMBERED THAT I AM NOT THE ONE IN SCHOOL!! THIS IS NOT MY ORIENTATION! I am, in fact, done with school (except the fact that my profession requires me to go to school every single day, but teaching is so much better than being a student. I'm so done with being a student.) So my panic attack subsided and I relaxed, looked at my hubby--so eager to check his backboard and take notes in class, and gave thanks that it was him and not me. (Such a supportive wife, huh.)

Well, the supportive wife did kick in, thank you very much, when Patrick dropped me off at the hotel after a delicious Mexican dinner and headed back to begin his first classes. I felt like a proud, worried mama sending off her baby on the first day of school. "Have fun! Make new friends! I'll be there when you get home!" I kept saying to him. (I also nagged him profusely about getting him a new backpack or some mechanical pencils while I am out tomorrow.)

Seriously though, I am SO proud of him for sticking to his goals and going back to school. He said he would as soon as I was done, but we always secretly feared life would just be too crazy by then. Well, life is crazy, but he is going for it anyway. Pray for us! Fall is going to be a doozy.

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