Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Diet Ball

I dropped it.

Yep. Again.

That's ok...the important thing is that I keep picking it back up, right?

So tomorrow I'm starting this. This challenge follows the basic guidelines for the Abs diet, I will just be adding spinach or kale to my smoothies (stop turning up your nose; you can't even taste it!) and eating a salad with dinner (hopefully instead of having a second helping).

I have read really good things about green smoothies. Lindsey talks about them here (I don't know Lindsey, but I love her blog!) There is also good information here and here. No, I'm not going all "raw-food" on you. Yuck! I like to cook wayyyy too much (really, probaby too much. Seriously. That's why we're where we are in this whole diet thing, people.) Just trying to be a little more healthy. I'm also hoping to rev up my immune system with the start of the school year looming. I always get sick the first few weeks of school as my immune system adjusts to living in a moldy cave for 8 hours of the day and interacting with/touching papers handled by/being in the same vicinity as a thousand snotty teenagers. That is not mean; I love teenagers. Really I do. But they can be a little snotty at times, admit it.

So, a green smoothie each day, no white sugar, no soda, a salad with dinner, and 15 minutes of activity. 30 days. We'll see!

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Jenna said...

its ok! i want to be a neat freak so badly, or at least have my apartment is some order. i make a new resolution to clean it up and keep it that way every week and yet it always ends up messy again. but i'm just going to keep working on it and when i drop the ball, the important thing is to just pick it up again :) good luck!!