Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bring It On!

The cheerleading season has begun! I'm the co-coach of JV and an assistant coach to our competition squad. Our season kicked off on Monday morning, 8 a.m., and since then I have spend many hours indian style on those blue mats watching band chants, sideline cheers being learned, elevators, straight-ups, libs, and round-off back springs, occasionally getting up my nerve to give my input, correct motions, and offer suggestions. It's throwing me back to the many days I spent on those very same mats, learning those very same cheers, and throwing the very same stunts. I AM HAVING A BLAST! Our head coach and the other assistant coach actually cheered on the squad with me so, of course, we are daily immersing ourselves in good healthy doses of nostalgia.

The funny part is I have those cheers and band chants so etched into my mind that as soon as we cut on the music, it all came flooding back.

I'm excited about the season and am sure that as it gets going, I will feel more and more comfortable in my role as a coach. I did do some assistant coaching for a high school squad during my days at W & M but have been out of it for so long that it's taken me a little while to get my groove back. Each day though, I am praying for strength, for wisdom, for opportunities to love on the girls and for relationships with the girls to be strong. As a follower of Christ my ultimate goal is to be able to share His love and the gospel with each girl who doesn't know the freeing grace of our Savior. I'm viewing this as a great opportunity to be more involved in the school and to get to know some students on a deeper level. And why not have a little fun doing it!!

Pray for me as the days have been enjoyable but long. I'm coming home exhausted (from sitting and watching? This puzzles me, but nevertheless. Perhaps mental exhaustion.) This fall will be a little crazy as I juggle school and cheerleading and having a husband going back to school. We decided to go all college-student again and spend many late nights typing away (or grading papers...that would be me.) in our local coffee shop.

This will keep us young right?? That's our hope!

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Elizabeth B. said...

What a great perspective on coaching...a wider mission field! Praying for you guys with all those late nights ahead!