Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Loves

  • Sleeping in Friday (a day off from work!)
  • Progress on the thesis
  • Snuggling with the cutest baby and sitting in the peacefulness while rocking her to sleep
  • Pizza parlor date with my lovely husband
  • Cheesecake to end the date
  • A clean house (finally)
  • Relief after finally figuring out how to lift up that stupid vent in our floor and vacuuming out accumulating cat hair
  • Freshly washed white sheets
  • Beginning to knit a baby blanket for a sweet friend
  • Impromptu family dinner with mom, dad, and not-so-little brother
  • A good movie on a comfy couch
  • Cookies for breakfast
  • Christmas carols on the way to church to celebrate the first snow (finally!)

    Good-bye, February. You were not so blue-gray after all.

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