Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lent Commitments Update: What I've Learned from Not Watching TV

So it has been 1 and 1/2 weeks since I committed myself to only watching TV on Thursday nights, cooking during the week, keeping up with weekly Bible Reading Calendar, and writing a letter each week. While we haven't exactly done the best job with our Bible Reading calendar and I am yet to write the first letter (though I plan to, I promise!) I have given up the tube most days, and surprisingly, I don't miss it. In fact, I turned it on this past Thursday and actually just turned it back off. I could only handle about an hour of it, then I was pretty much done.

Here is what I've learned:
1. There are enough hours in the day.
2. I really can keep up with the accumulating dishes in the sink (instead of waiting until after this show to do, I just do it right away.)
3. I really can stick to my daily chore list and keep up my house reasonably.
4. I like planning this year's garden and am loving teaching myself about it by reading tons of resources (nerd nerd nerd... I know...)
5. I've taught myself to knit and started on baby blankets for the TONS of expecting friends.
6. My thesis can get done on time without me totally stressing myself out and pulling all nights (I've made significant progress by just making myself do an hour twice a week...usually I decide to keep going after the hour is up.)
7. I really can get to bed on time.
8. Reading for pleasure is lovely.
9. Reading the Psalms while eating my breakfast is teaching me a better way to start the day.
10. Cooking every night is doable and I look forward to it since I'm not just coming home and turning on the TV after school.

Speaking of the cooking: It is going well. I like that Patrick and I actually sit down at the table for dinner each night. He's even started getting excited about what I'm going to cook. I posted the weekly menu on the fridge and almost every night after dinner, he asks: "So what's on for tomorrow night???"

This makes me happy :)

Oh, I almost forgot reason 11. No TV= More time to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER THIS WEEKEND!


Jenna said...

At first I was super nervous about cooking every night for anthony when we got married, but now its actually something i really look forward to and I'm always on the hunt for easy, healthy recipes:) I've got a few that have won rave reviews, let me know if youre in a rut and I'd love to try that chicken noodle soup, it looked amazing!

Hokie Girl said...

That sounds wonderful!!! I post a weekly menu too and Travis loves this! It keeps me on track too so I know what to thaw out and don't feel tempted to just get take out if I didn't plan ahead!
Keep up the good work!!!!