Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekend Chores:

After a bazzillion days of rain, the sun has returned and promises to hold out for the weekend. (Can you tell I'm ready for it?...It's only Wednesday and this is what's on my mind.) This is a good thing because we have GOT to clean up the yard this weekend. We (embarrassingly) still have leaves in our yard from the fall (never got around to it), and lately they've been blowing over into the neighbor's yard, which we feel terrible about. Also our tree over hangs their driveway and drops a thousand tiny buds onto their cars. Oh, and did I mention we discovered a water line break? Which means Patrick will spend this sunny afternoon with a friend and a back-hoe digging up the front yard and I'll spend the sunny weekend putting it back together again. Luckily we have a sweet friend who lives across the street and her lovely husband, who owns a yard work company and thus many helpful tools, has agreed to come and help us out.

Weekend Chores:
  • Clean up all leaves in our yard and neighbor's
  • Replant the flowers destroyed by digging
  • Pot plants and herbs
  • I'm hoping to talk Patrick into making my composting trashcan we can put all our leftover food wastes and yard wastes to work in my garden. I found directions for making a compost bin out of a trashcan here and am hoping this will work for us.
  • Oh, I'd also like to get my floors vacuumed and mopped and grade a few papers.

Ambitious?? We'll see. I'm not going to fret if I don't get it all done.

Well, my tea is almost ready and the bell is about to ring...

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