Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Things:

#1: I have become my mother. This is not a bad thing at all; my mom is the most loving, beautiful, caring person I know. I'm truly blessed to have such a great mom. That being said, I did find myself at Wal-Mart last night literally stocking up on hosiery (the pun was unintentional). The thought actually occurred to me as I got dressed for work Friday morning and put on skirt that I felt extremely unprofessional with bare legs in November. Flashback to a March wedding my freshman year of high school where I fought my mom right down to the sanctuary entrance on the issue. Mom, you win after all! I think this means I'm official a grown up...

#2: I discovered fleas on Fergie, our cat, last night around 10:30 p.m. Suffice it to say, it has been a stressful weekend of bombing, spraying, cleaning, vacuuming and laundry. Of course, Patrick is out of convenient. I called the emergency vet tonight to make sure I'd done all the right things and taken care of everything. Apparently, I treated them with the wrong (read: cheap) kind of flea killer. She suggested that I give both cats a bath before giving them the correct treatment. Seriously, lady...have you ever tried to bathe a cat?????

Having proper hosiery=Good.
Fleas in your house=Bad.

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Lizbeth said...

Em! Thanks for the info about Hollins...I'm gonna seriously think about that. I didn't know you had a blog!! Now I have one more to add to my list of things to read while procrastinating. Does it make me a bad cat owner to admit that I can't even remember the last time my cat was bathed? If so, then I just won't admit that.