Friday, November 1, 2013

There's a princess wand in my bathtub.

And a pink backpack on my kitchen island.

And Dora the Explorer on my TV.

Hairclips in my purse.

Princess coloring sheets in my living room floor.

Sparkly shoes on my steps.

Yes, friends, it's safe to assume a little girl has made her very sparkly, very pink, and VERY imaginative mark on our lives... and our house.

On September 28, ONE DAY AFTER I last blogged and promised to be back with millions of new blog posts and updates, we got the phone call that a sweet six year old girl needed a temporary home.

And because of our big move (remember how I promised to write about that? yeah.) we were able to YES.

And the empty bedroom at our house just happens to be pink. (Is there anyone out there who thinks God doesn't have a sense of humor?!)

So here we are.  A little temporary family of four, wandering our way through senior pictures, SAT scores, and graduation announcements and now adding things like "sign Elizabeth up for dance class" and "return Barbie movies to library" to our To-Do list.

So you see?  I'm so good at finding excuses not to blog!  Just when things start to get settled, a whirlwind rips through our lives and stirs it all up again.  This time, the whirlwind is about 3 feet tall and lets me put headbands and bows in her hair.


Patrick, Ashley, Audrey and Tessa said...

Emily, how wonderful! I teach this sweet angel you are calling "yours for now". I have noticed such a wonderful change in her since last year when I had her. I was wondering what that was, but now I can see.....she had YOU! AMAZING!

Jessica Greenwald said...

Roomie, you are one of the most amazing people I know! :)

MB said...

Ditto to Jessie's comment! This little girl is so lucky to have you!

Stephanie Puffenbarger said...

Emily, love your blog - and more so, your heart for kids. Thanks for sharing with us even a little bit - it is inspiring. Praying for your temporary family of 4!