Thursday, November 14, 2013

As Promised: New House Pictures

This post is dedicated to Cousin Beth, who continues to be our number one blog fan despite the fact that I STINK at blogging!  Beth, here are the many-times-asked-for and long-awaited pictures of our new house! 

Living Room
Eat-in Kitchen
Family Room

And....our little friend The Bear.
 Our neighborhood bear eats our trash and climbs our trees.
He's a little scary but we keep our distance when he makes an appearance!

We are so happy in our new place!


Carter Tate said...

I eat bears for breakfast

Carter Tate said...

I eat bears for breakfast. My trashcan is sacred. No bear, no wolf, no tiger, or puppy dog will be eating my trash. You can take that to your grave.


Stephanie Puffenbarger said...

what a beautiful home! and a bear! crazy!