Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Lost Art of Reading

I have been totally up front and out in the open with you about my inner-nerd. 
I make no excuses for her. 
I gave in when she begged me to take just one more English class at The Tribe. 
I gave in when she signed me up for that sentence diagramming class in graduate school.  When she  forced my hand to gleefully complete every single drop of homework. 
I gave in when she talked me into becoming an English teacher, thus allowing me the luxury of reading books with kids all day long
I'm here to tell you
I'm giving in yet again to her demands.
One of my favorite bloggers, Edie at Life in Grace, is hosting an online book club for the classics!
Friends, this is not a joke of a book club.  We are starting with The Odyssey.  Edie means business!
It took me all of about 10 seconds to open my email send her the response that
Heck Yes I Will Be Joining!
Then I jumped in my car, took myself out to Barnes and Noble, and purchased myself a brand spanking new copy of The Odyssey
I made myself some coffee and curled up in my favorite corner chair and started that night.
And the rush of summer reading pre-10th grade panic came rushing in.
And then I reminded myself that this is for pleasure! 
There are no post-it notes to make.  No journal entries to write.  No first day of school test.
Just read and enjoy.
And so my inner-nerd finally met my inner-hedonist and the balance in my heart was resolved.
Will you consider enjoying us?
I'm not sure what we'll be reading next, but I trust Edie.  I know it will be good.
Go ahead and give in to your inner-nerd!
You will not regret it!
*And P.S.... If you need more convincing, check out this well-written article from the L.A. Times called "The Lost Art of Reading" that Edie gave us to start with. 
It is from 2009 but still very revelent, if not even more so here in 2012.  
I will leave you with this quote from the article:
Happy Reading, Friends!

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