Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Things Friday: Books, Apps, and Things {Recommendations}

Well hello there!  Long time no see (or write? What's appropriate here?...).  So sorry for the lack of posts.  Summer is just sweeping us up and taking us right along day by day for a new and different ride.  Slowly but surely we have learned new routine.  And just when we think it's routine...whoop! changes again!  And so we relearn and readjust.  Such is life, right?

I'm trying to get back in the blogging habit.  I love having a place to record our days; the problem has been finding the time to sit down and actually do the recording!  Last week, I wrote a Menu Monday post to link up with Amanda, but then all the sudden it was Thursday and it just seemed null and void at that point.  So here is my small attempt at a Five Things Friday post - and hey! I'm actually posting it on Friday! 

True confession:  I'm bad at keeping house.  Yep. I mean, I'm neat; I pick up stuff.  But when it actually comes down to doing chores like vacuuming and dusting, I will think about it for a little bit, and then conveniently "forget" for too embarassingly long.  I think I have written before about FlyLady and what a great system she has.  And I'll tell you, every time I fall off the cleaning wagon (which is a lot), she helps me get back on.  I guess that's the main thing right?  That I keep getting back on?  So now there is a FlyHelper App, which is AWESOME!  It allows you to customize the zones to your house and needed chores.  It even has a stop watch, because FlyLady is always preaching about the value of 15 minutes here and 5 minutes there... you get the idea.  It's so great to have it ok my phone and be able to check off a little list weekly!

2. Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson

If you have boys (of any age) please, please, please read this book.  It has so helped me to wrap my head around the stuff that Calvin is dealing with.  Kindlon and Thompson speak honestly about their work with boys of all ages and how our culture influences their thought life and emotions.  They work a lot from a biblical perspective, using the story of Cain and Abel and how God deals with Cain's anger issues as the jumping off point for their work. 

3. At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

Ok, another confession: I thought this book would be totally cheesy. (Sorry, Mom.)  But it's not!  I saw it recommended on my friend Nina's blog and I remembered that my mom had raved about the Mitford series and passed the books on to all of her friends.  I scoffed at her (quietly and secretly) because it didn't seem like real literature.  I have never had a very big place in my heart for Christian literature (with the exception of Lewis and Tolkien), I'll admit, as it is usually too over the top and non-realistic for me.  But, as Nina says, it is "the most delightful, comforting, soul soothing reading I’ve done in a while."  It's just good.  Once again, my mom was right.

4. Babel by Mumford and Sons

Holy cow, Mumford.  I have not even heard the CD yet, but I already know I can recommend it.  I have heard a few of the songs on it and once again, am floored.  I love this band.  They speak of real things but they don't take themselves too seriously.  They remind me of our sweet time in Australia, when my husband and I thought we had found a secret crush on the radio in the parking lot of the Perth Airport.  I love "Below My Feet" and "Lover of the Light."  Love.  Love. Love.

5. WWDiary App for Android by
I have been trying to be a little better ::ahem:: at watching what I eat ::cough, cough:: 
Though I hate admitting that.
The WWDiary App for my phone has been awesome at allowing me to record Weight Watcher points without having to pay to join the program.  I did WW in college and loved it.  And I did it for so long that I already have all those point values hammered into my brain, so it is nice and convenient to be able to do it for free, using my alredy vast knowledge.  This program will help you calculate the points.  You can use the old system or the new PointsPlus system.  It will also track activity points and weekly "extra points."  It is awesome! 

And it continues to allow me to live obsessively by phone for everything.... (sarcasm).

That is all, my friends! 

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for a long weekend.  I will try and be good and post some pictures of our time together.  Hope summer is being as good to you as it is to us!

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