Monday, July 2, 2012

Guess Who Got the Game Ball?

Calvin has been playing summer softball on our church's team.  Apparently you are supposed to be 18 but they recruited him and he has been LOVING it!  In fact, we all are!  He plays a couple times a week, and we really enjoy going and hanging out, enjoying the weather, and watching a little softball.

Last Tuesday night, Calvin had his best game yet!  He made three major catches on key plays, batted in six runs, and scored on his own as well! 

At the end of the game, the guys called everyone into the dugout and Everett, our pastor, presented Calvin with the game ball.  It was SUCH a cool moment.

As much as I love watching the games, what I love more is watching these awesome men of God love on our boy.  It makes my heart so happy that they encourage him while he's up at bat, cheer for him as he runs, lovingly joke around with him, and make him feel so welcome that he looks forward to every single game and talks about it non-stop afterwards.  I can't put into words the appreciation and gratitude I have for the people of our church and how they have surrounded our little family with so much love.  How they are seriously showing Christ to our son in a very real way. 

Calvin leaves for camp in the morning bright and early with our youth group. 
Patrick and I both have the greatest memories from church camp growing up.  Those summer experineces are such a part of both of our walks with the Lord and part of our story as a couple as well in Patrick's work with the youth earlier in our marriage. 
We are thrilled that Calvin is going and praying that God does big things in his heart this week!

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