Monday, June 25, 2012

Attention Parents!

Parents, Parents, Parents!  Please give me your complete attention here!

Here is something you MUST do.

You must make a rule that your lovely teenager cooks dinner once a week.  Call it Independent Living Skills.  Call it Acting Like a Grown-Up.  Call it Whatever You Want.  Just do it.

Because maybe they will start to like it.

And then maybe they will like it so much that they will want to cook a little more on other days of the week.

And then MAYBE you will leave for an hour one day and when you return there will be BANANA PUDDING in your refrigerator!

It's like magic!  It will just appear there. 

And it will be AWESOME.

Trust me on this one.

(We are enjoying summer and slowly finding a routine.  More updates and pictures to come soon!)

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