Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Things Friday: What I Am Loving Right Now

1. This Recipe - I make a big batch at the beginning of the week and we reheat and eat for breakfast almost every day.  We just add whatever fruit we have and omit the pistachios.  It's yummy!

2. The Hunger Games - My student teacher is done teaching her units in a week or so, so I have been making the most of these last precious days with her running the class and carving out some time to just read.  I picked up the Hunger Games on Tuesday (I'm a little behind the rest of the world, as usual) and am about to finish the last couple pages within minutes of hitting publish on this post.  It's good!

3. Running - I'm back at it, running 3 times a week and using this schedule.  I've decided to focus on the distance and stop worrying about being slow.  I'm just a slow runner.  But I am running!  And that's what counts!

4. Our new bed - Horray for being a grown up and finally having matching furniture in our bedroom!  This was our gift to ourselves using our tax return.  I wish I had a picture to show you, but every time I walk into our bedroom I really just want to go to sleep in it.  Sorry!

5. Bible Reading at Night - Still using the chronological reading plan I talked about here, but Calvin and Patrick wanted to do it too so we started reading it as a family, which has been most awesome.  About 10:30 every night, before we all head off to bed, we do our reading for the day together.  We have been wanting to do some sort of Bible Study as a family and had a hard time working out what to do, when to do it, etc. so this has been perfect.  We started reading Joshua together last night. 

If you don't read together as a family as of yet, I would definitely recommend doing it and even using this schedule.  It's very doable, just a few chapters each night.  There are other reading plans available here.  I was a little scared at first that it would be kind of cheesy to all sit down together and read aloud, but you know, it's the Word of the Lord.  And that is never cheesy.

Happy Weekend! 

We have dinner plans with my dad and grandma for Mexican...yum! 
And a track meet on the schedule for Saturday.

I'm also hoping to make my way to Christiansburg to see this new face that entered the world on Wednesday!  Congrats Cassidy and Ryan!

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