Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Our Way

Well, in the true spirit of love and Valentines, I went to the dentist today.
To get a cavity filled.
I was really feeling the love when he jammed a couple extra cardboard pieces into my cheek and proceeded to drill with abandon.

Calvin came with me.
He fell asleep in the waiting room.

And then laughed at me profusely all the way home for the way my face drooped.
It was quite a moment.

Then I made pasta and we watched Cake Boss and Sons of Guns.
We ate on TV trays.
Patrick worked late.

We took advantage of a sweet Buy One Get One Free hot chocolate deal and math homework at Starbucks.
Skim milk and light whip.
(This maybe explains the need for said dentist trip? Let's not think about that.)

Finally, we ended the day hanging out with good friends in their basement watching our favorite TV show.

I realize this is not most people's idea of a great Valentines Day.
we were all in good moods all day long.
Which means my son was being his very most pleasant self all day.
I did not get frustrated even once.
This, my friends, constitutes our best day thus far.
And that is worth celebrating!

I will also say that even the cavity filling did not hurt!
(Thank you Novacane.)

Dinner was delicious.
I even enjoyed Sons of Guns!

So, Happy Valentines Day from the Herndons,
who actually do not even celebrate Valentines Day.
But we do celebrate the best days.
And today was one of those.

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