Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday! And Some Random Things.

It's the end of this short, but somehow long week!  We had a much-needed and restful snow day on Monday.. The weather is doing some crazy things.  A snowday on Monday and then sleeping with the windows open on Thursday night? 

But oh how I love Friday.  Today is a good one.

I took a half day today at school.  I have a doctor's appointment (just a physical, no biggie...) at 1:00 and I decided to go ahead and take the half day and meet my best friend for lunch!  Yay for being out and about in the real world.  This never happens at 1:00 on a school day for me!  I feel like such a rebel

We moved Calvin's room upstairs this week because apparently we sound like elephants walking around upstais while he is trying to go to sleep at night.  Our boy has not been sleeping really well.  Transition can be hard.  But, praise the Lord, last night was Night One in his new room and he said he slept better than he has in weeks!  Pray for him that this keeps up.  And in the meantime, enjoy this picture of the new orange bedroom in our house!  This picture was taken before we finished moving all of his things upstairs.  It looks a little more settled and homely in there now. 

Have you tried this stuff?  I have been bringing it for my lunch everyday in my efforts to decrease my caffeine intake.  I have limited myself to one cup of coffee a day, which is HARD.  I love my coffee.  And I've been trying not to drink sodas.  The carbonation in this satisfies my need for soda, but allows me to get more water in.  It's the new love of my life.  So far, I've tried lime, grapefruit, and lemon.  I think lemon is my favorite.

I broke down and used the last of my birthday money to buy myself a Kitchenaid mixer.  Is it bad that I just love how it looks sitting on the counter?  Yes, I just admitted that.  I made cookies last night and used it for mashed potatoes last week.  I want to try using it to make some bread.  Any good recipes out there?  I would love to have them!

My student teacher is doing an amazing job at school.  I almost don't know what to do with myself while she is teaching and grading.  She has really connected with the kids and given me some great creative ideas for future years as well!  She has been a very welcome blessing to me at this transitional time in our life.  It has really helped to share the workload and have someone so capable running things in my classroom. 

I saw these necklaces on this blog today and I love them!  So cute.  And what a sweet idea for a gift!

Ok, those are all of my random thoughts for today!  Hope that you have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend!   Bring it on!

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