Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Garden

The Australians have arrived!  We welcomed them to town Saturday night and met up with everyone for family lunch after church on Sunday.  I did not take pictures because I am lame-o.  But everyone will be in town for a while so we will get some good family shots one of these days. 

As promised, they have already come to my rescue on my dreams for a garden.  I have been paralyzed as to where to start.  I have collected a few containers, bought some potting soil and some random seed packets and that is all.  And it all just keeps sitting because I don't even know where to start. 

So in they came and we've already figured out that we can construct a small raised bed using a few leftover pallets out by our shed!  I've googled some tutorials and found this one and this one

They have also configured out a way I begin composting by using an outdoor trashcan we've already had and drilling some holes in it.  We can set up a little composting stall using the same pallets by the shed.  I am loving this because it's using things we already have!  Patrick is thrilled because he was worried I would spend a lot of money on this project.

Finally, and this is the stinky part, we are considering using a no-dig gardening method so we won't tear up what little grass we have.  This means we will have to have manure.  So when I say stinky, I mean that literally.  I have called my uncle with the amazing garden and he just happens to have a pile of manure just waiting for his own garden in the backyard which I am welcome to.  Lovely!

So things are coming together!  Tomorrow, after school, is a little work day on this project.  I promise to take a few pictures of our progress!

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