Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Brother Got Married! Part 1: The Bridal Shower

So, another reason for our blog silence over the last few months is that MY LITTLE BROTHER GOT MARRIED!  I'm not really sure why this prohibited me from daily blogging because it really only took up one weekend, but, nevertheless, it seemed to occupy a lot of my mental energy. 

It was quite the event! 

We had so much fun and got to see so many friends and family!  It really was the perfect night--so, so Dave and Katie and their style.  They worked so hard to make it a fun night for the guests. 

I will be telling their wedding story in 3 parts because Patrick got a new camera and saw this as the perfect opportunity to take 3 billion pictures.

And so, Part 1: The Bridal Shower

The Bride-To-Be and her sweet Grandma 
Obligatory Bridal Shower Games

The Gift Opening

My mom made this awesome wet bar for their apartment!

You know the game where you write down everything the bride says while she's opening her presents and then read it back to her like it's what she would be saying on her wedding night?  This is it.  Hilarious!

Some of the bridesmaids


Katie and her sister, Amanda, the Matron of Honor
It was quite a day!  Such a fun way to kick off the celebrations!
We love you, Dave and Katie!

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