Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Blog Silence

::tap tap:: Is this thing on?

Anyone still out there?

Is that crickets I hear chirping?

You know it's bad when your own husband says, "Are you ever going to update our blog?  I'm mean, I don't even know what's going on in our lives when you don't keep that thing up..."

So let me offer my formal apologies to the (four? five?) friends that keep up with us this way.  And to my mother and my grandmother, my most avid readers and, ironically, the ones who probably don't even need to read at all because, well, you are already in the know! 

We are alive.

I have not been buried under a stack of textbooks and papers and pom-poms.  Thank you for your concern.

Over the past month and a half things have flitted through my mind and I say to myself, "I should post about this!"  And I know I talked about doing some Top 5 lists and I still plan on doing that so that my list-maker/OCD self will be pacified.  But truthfully I just really haven't been motivated.  Maybe it was the extra time I found for myself in August with only coaching cheerleading part-time this year?  Maybe it was preparing for a new school year to start?  Maybe it was the three days I spent in the dark on our couch in the living room watching Friday Night Lights on autoplay? Is it ok to admit that?  Are you embarassed for me?  Is it normal to want to be Tami Taylor in real life? 

Anyhoo, I'm back.  And I have lots to discuss and update you on and report. 

Thank you for your patience as I sort through the last few weeks and catch you up to speed over the next few posts.  And thanks for those of you who have checked in on me and told me you missed my blogging!  It means a lot to hear people tell me that they actually care about what I have to say here. 

So here's to the end of another blog silence!  I'm declaring it.  And I mean it this time.

For realsies.

Stay tuned.

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