Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Did It

We cancelled cable. That's right, folks. We are officially cable free at the Herndons.  This, however, does not mean we are TV free. We took simplemom's advice and ordered a Roku, a small box that manages subscriptions such as Hulu, Netflix and many others.  It hooks up to your TV and operates off of the internet, either wirelessly or hard wired. I love this for many reasons:
1. It is MUCH cheaper. We are saving over $70 a month!
2. There are actually more choices for things to watch and you can watch on your own schedule.
3. You can go back and watch older shows. For instance, I am rewatching Arrested Development, which I love.
4. Finally, it makes you much more purposeful about what you are watching. There is no mindless surfing and no just having the tv on for background noise or getting sucked in. You sit down to watch what you want and then you are done. It is making us use our time much more wisely!

I am finding myself reading more and just enjoying the quiet.  Which is a good thing because my summer reading list keeps growing!

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Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey said...

We've been cable free here at the Harmon's for....well.....ever!;)
We have an anntena and get the 3 basics and PBS. for freeeee:) I love that word! ha
Audrey gets to watch PBS...sesame street and clifford and we see out favs and of course the news and it works out great for us!
COngrats! It's very freeing!