Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 3: Palmerston North to Kaikoura; Crossover to South Island via Ferry

After our night in Palmerston North, we got up really really early to try to make the early ferry to the South Island. Turns out, we got up for nothing because we realized we would never make it in time. We decided to wait out the sunrise and then hit the road.

So glad that we did. The little man from the hotel had suggested that since we had some extra time we should try to take the scenic route to Wellington, "just through the Gourge there," he said. Patrick and I looked at each other...Gourge?

This is what he was talking about:

Seriously, how gorgeous is that?

We took this Gourge through Ashurst to Woodville, where we stopped at a little roadside coffee stand. Patrick waited in the car while I picked us up some coffee. The man at the coffee stand was incredibly chatty and interested in my trip. He was thrilled that we were on our way to South Island. Apparently that's where it's at (it was, indeed). He suggested we try to see the West Coast and avoid tourism traps. Done and done.

Here's a picture from our arrival into Wellington, the second largest city in NZ. Also where Peter Jackson lives for you LOTR fans.

Patrick and I on the Wellington Ferry. Moments before I became extremely motion sick.

I tried to be brave and not take Dramamine.

Bad idea.

I was miserable.

Patrick took pictures while I slept in the backrow of the movie theater room.

Finally, Patrick came and got me and said, "I found the perfect seat for you. Trust me."

I was furious that he wanted me to move at all.

Furious, I tell you.

I begged and pleaded.

He continued to say, "Trust me."

I'm glad I did.

The seat was outside, where I could enjoy all the gorgeous views with him.

Sidenote: outside made me less motion sick but it was so cold before, hence the back row of the movie theater.

This perfect seat though, was outside AND right next to the smoke stacks.

Warm, cozy, and less motion sick.


The view as we pulled into South Island.

Me in my cozy spot, probably breathing in thousands of toxic fumes and not caring one bit.

Beautiful South Island. How we loved thee already.

We made it off the ferry around 5:30 and drove to Kaikoura. Again we were saddened by the darkness because we could see nothing of the landscape.

I picked the hotel in Kaikoura and thought I had done a pretty blah job, but we got a clean room and saved quite a bit of money.

We drove into town and got a bite to eat at a warm and cozy little Irish pub. We had a much needed and delicious hot meal and a good cold beer. I had baked pasta with pesto sauce and Patrick had a steak. We drove back to the hotel and again went promptly to sleep. All this overwhelming landscape is just wearing us out.

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Patrick, Ashley & Audrey said...

Emily...sounds like you two are having a lovely time! the pasta with pesto sounds yummy!!!:) it looks so beautiful there! I want to go!:) Glad you are enjoying yourself...meanwhile it is warm here...but VERY dry! I love that you are taking a cold trip in the dead of summer...girl, you are genius!:) LOVE IT! Have fun!
Hi to PAtrick for me!