Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1 Down

It's midnight on Sunday and I still haven't gone to bed. I don't have to teach tomorrow because our principal is coming to speak to all my classes on school rules (a routine, beginning of the year procedure) so I feel like a little kid who gets to stay up past their bedtime!! On a school night!

So I survived the first week of school with a much more peaceful attitude than I had antcipated. I made my To Do List during teacher work week, completed it, and showed up on the First Day of School calmer and more relaxed than I really thought I would be (despite the fact that I could not sleep the night before...). I have a first period this year so getting to school on time is a MUST and I must say I have done a superior job so far! I've gotten up when the alarm clock goes off and only managed to hit snooze once. We'll see if that's still the deal come November...

My kids this year are much quieter than last year! I will say, I miss my former students like crazy!! I feel like a mama whose baby chicks have flown the coop. I had visits from lots of them throughout the week and am looking forward to the point in the next couple weeks when my current students start to feel like my own in the same way my former students did. It's nice to know more kids in the school as well and not be the newbie on the block anymore.

Hopefully Week 2 be even better as we start to get into the flow of the class and I get back in the habit of running a classroom. Thanks for your prayers!

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